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Web portal

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Realisation description

Crowd-solution is an experienced real estate service provider that provides employees of Klinikverbund Südwest and selected partner companies with exclusive accommodation close to the workplace in locations such as Sindelfingen, Böblingen, Herrenberg, Nagold, Calw, Leonberg and others.

A web portal that aims to provide exclusive living space rental for employees of hospitals located in Germany. 

An advanced functionality of this portal is an extensive property search engine, based on Google API including Geocoding API and Directions API. The user entering the portal, has the ability to quickly search for properties by selecting from a list the hospital, which he is an employee of, and the distance from this facility. In addition, the user can narrow down the list of offers found through an extensive filtering. After searching for an interesting property, the user can make an offer enquiry. The portal also includes functionalities such as property rating module, offer location module and contact forms module that automates contact with users.

The website was created on a dedicated template based on WordPress and with dedicated plugins created by our company.