We create modern, responsive and easy to use websites to help you grow your business online. Every website we create is based on WordPress content management system.

Website for your business

We offer a comprehensive service for websites that we implement using the WordPress content management system. Each website we create is based on a dedicated template. This allows us to build advanced functionalities, and websites created by us have no limitations for future development.

We specialise in graphic design, development, SEO and optimisation of websites. With the support of our brand eplee we are able to develop websites with unconventional functionalities to automate business processes and much more.

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Types of websites

An unquestionable advantage of websites created by us is the extensive flexibility in development and editing. Designing dedicated templates for a website gives us the possibility to develop innovative functionalities, customise subpages for conducted advertising campaigns and much more.
Landing page website

A landing page website is a first impression witch is most often viewed by a visitor upon clicking an advertisement link or service.

One page website

A one page website is a business, product, service or event website that does not contain any sub-pages. This type of page may contain a short portfolio of business projects. It is the cheapest type of page.

Business website

A business page describes a business activity. This type of site contains basic sub-pages that include service descriptions, contact forms and business activity descriptions and others. This is good for small businesses, brands or to promote events.

Business-pro website

A business-pro website is a website describing the activities of a company. Apart from basic subpages such as contact page, description of the company's activities, it can contain descriptions of offered services, products on the portfolio page, knowledge base as a blog, career page, booking systems or more personalized and advanced functionalities. This is an ideal solution for any business. With this solution we can simplify many internal and external processes in the company. A well thought out company website will save any company time and money.

Additional website functionalities

The functionalities we create are personalized for specific business needs and much more. All systems developed by us can be implemented as extensions of websites ordered from our company, which makes them very flexible. It is also worth emphasising that each of the dedicated functionalities contains an administration panel, which allows to easily and quickly manage the functionality created by us.
Booking system

A booking system for appointments, property or car rentals is a functionality created by our team which can be an extension of all types of websites we offer. Payment option can be plugged into booking systems, and with the support of our brand eplee, the booking system can be developed with location detection, task assignment and other modern functionalities.

Donation system

A system that allows you to make donations to any purpose. Need to enable donations on your website? Our donation functionality comes with an administration system so you can collect data on donors, create different analyses, activate association members etc.

Subscription payment system

Systems enabling periodic services. We can integrate our functionality with all major online payment providers.

Customer panel

It is a functionality created by us which enables to manage various types of data on the website. Depending on the needs, with this functionality, we can share to our customers pdf files, jpg files, recordings, various types of analyses. In addition, from the panel level, the customer may have the ability to manage payments on the website, information about his account and purchased services.

Dynamic documents

We create functionalities allowing to generate contracts, applications, offers and other documents in pdf, doc, etc. formats. Such solutions save a lot of time during many internal company processes. An investment in this system is ideal for any business.

Configurators and calculators

We create dedicated configurators and calculators that can be used in many industries such as food, construction, industry and others. Functionality allows you to create complex product configurators, price calculators, calorie calculators, etc.

Website - What does the process of creating a website look like?

Development of requirements and functionalities

Development of all requirements and functionalities that the website should meet. At this stage we consider the choice of technology in which the website will be created.

Creation of specification, map and offer

Based on the developed requirements and a short brief from a meeting, our specialists then select appropriate technologies, create a brief technical specification and a site map.

Signature of the contract

This stage defines the framework of the created project protecting both the client and the contractor. We send each client a example contract that we apply to every project before a decision is made.

Graphic design of the website

Based on the site map, the materials provided and the documentation created, the graphic designer creates a graphic design for the website.

Development version of the website

In this stage of the website development process, we build the entire website template based on the graphic design created then it is deployed to our development server.

Implementation of the website into production

At this stage that your company's website is fully published

Training in the administration of the website

Once the website has been developed, we create an administrator account for our clients so that they can edit the content posted on the website, additionally training them on how to manage the website.

Website support and development

Once the project is complete, we support our clients in the development and maintenance of their website, strengthening their online position.

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Website - Support for your business

The websites we create support our clients' businesses every day. A website is a marketing support for a company, however, it can support various company processes such as recruitment, offering, sales, company management and many more.
Highest website standards

Your website will be optimised for performance, loading speed and will be adapted for all types of devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, making it accessible to every user.

Development possibilities

Because of our extensive experience and cooperation between our brands, your website will be able to expand with new functionalities in the future and grow securely and dynamically online.


During the development of the website, a consultant will be assigned to the project who, after its implementation, will continue to take care of the development of your website by proposing new solutions, taking care of its updates and optimisation.


The websites we create have active SSL certificates. Additionally, we provide the best and most secure website hosting services, so we are able to provide the highest level of service.

Website - your website created by MediaLake

If you are developing your business and want to create a website, e-commerce site, corporate identity, graphic design or optimise an existing website, we invite you to contact us by filling in the contact form, by email or by phone.