Websites and e-commerce sites administrations

At MediaLake we provide website administration and support services, taking care of the correct development and security of your website.

Websites and e-commerce sites administrations

We offer a comprehensive administration and support service for websites and e-commerce shops based on WordPress, WooCommerce. Our service includes activities such as website administration, taking care of website security, solving problems on the website, editing and developing website content.

We specialise in graphic design, development, SEO and optimisation of e-commerce websites. With the support of our brand eplee we are able to develop e-commerce sites with unconventional functionalities to automate business processes and more.

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What is website support and administration?

By providing this service, we put our best specialists at your disposal. Depending on your needs, you will receive at your disposal a specific number of hours in which we perform work related to the administration and support of your website. We can divide the work on the website into several categories.
Website development

The range of services associated with the development of your website includes activities such as the creation of new functionality on the site, the introduction or optimisation of content, SEO optimisation or creation of graphics for marketing campaigns.

WordPress updates

Due to security reasons or the implementation of new functionalities, WordPress and all plugins installed on the website need to be updated. As part of the service provision, we make sure that each update introduced raises the level of security on the website, and we also check and eliminate errors arising as a result of the updates.


Securing your website in case of server failure or loss of some data is a very important issue. As part of the administration of the website, we regularly make backups of the website and databases, which are stored in a safe place independent of hosting so that we can be sure that in case of a major failure the website files are available immediately.


Depending on the specific service provided, we create reports on the changes we make to the website, the backups we keep and suggestions for improving the website.

Customer support

As part of the support and administration service, you will receive access to our company's internal IT system and your requests will be accepted 24/7.

Website security

As part of our services, we offer the installation of additional security measures to increase website security, we continuously monitor security measures, remove threats and carry out updates.

Website - What does the process of creating a website look like?

Development of requirements and functionalities

Development of all requirements and functionalities that the website should meet. At this stage we consider the choice of technology in which the website will be created.

Creation of specification, map and offer

Based on the developed requirements and a short brief from the meeting, our specialists select appropriate technologies, create a brief technical specification and a site map.

Signature of the contract

This stage defines the framework of the created project protecting both the client and the contractor. We send each client a model contract that we apply to every project before making a final decision.

Graphic design of the website

Based on the site map, the materials provided and the documentation created, the graphic designer creates a graphic design for the website.

Development version of the website

In this stage of the website development process, we build the entire website template based on the graphic design created and then deploy it to our development server.

Implementation of the website into production

At this stage that your company's website is published on the internet.

Training in the administration of the website

Once the website has been developed, we create an administrator account for our clients so that they can edit the content posted on the website, additionally training them on how to manage the website.

Website support and development

Once the project is complete, we support our clients in the development and maintenance of their website, strengthening their online position.

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E-commerce website - Support for your business

The websites we create support our clients' businesses every day. A website is a marketing support for a company, however, it can support various company processes such as recruitment, offering, sales, company management and many more.
Highest website standards

Your website will be optimised for performance, loading speed and will be adapted for all types of devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, making it accessible to every user.

Development possibilities

Because of our extensive experience and cooperation between our brands, your website will be able to expand with new functionalities in the future and grow securely and dynamically online.


During the development of the website, a consultant will be assigned to the project who, after its implementation, will continue to take care of the development of your website by proposing new solutions, taking care of its updates and optimisation.


The websites we create have active SSL certificates. Additionally, we provide the best and most secure website hosting services, so we are able to provide the highest level of service.

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